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How is it possible to Save up to 75%? Sounds Crazy... But TRUE.

It is now possible for You to Save up to 75% OFF Hotels and Condo Vacations, getting much better pricing than public websites.

Public travel websites keep all of their prices similar to the prices listed on the hotels main website because the general public can search their websites for free without logging in to a protected members area.

Our travel engine is not available to the general public. It's found inside our protected, paid members area. Because of this, we are able to offer net-rate wholesale pricing.

Our Members-Only Travel Engine is powered by a 23 year old company with an A+ rating with the BBB which has already sold over 4 Million Memberships.


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Save up to 35% to 75% on Over 1 Million Rooms!

Actual Savings Examples of over 1 Million Hotel Deals Worldwide

Actual Hotel Savings Examples... Savings Change Daily.
Save up to 50% in most major cities in the World!

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Platinum and Gold Members enjoy Amazing $200 Condo Vacation Deals Worldwide!

Actual Photo Examples of over 40,000 Condo Deals Worldwide

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

$249 per week!

Enjoy thousands of Condo Weeks from $200 to $300 per Week!
Save up to $1,000 or more per Vacation!

Thousand of beautiful resort vacations in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific, South America, Central America, Africa, Middle East and more.

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Great Deals on Car Rentals!

Enjoy savings on Major Car Rental Companies!

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As a Platinum Member, you will accumulate Vacation Points each month. When you have 12 points, you can receive a Luxury 5-star Dream Vacation valued up to $3,000!


How to receive Your $3,000 Luxury Dream Vacation!

Join the Platinum Vacation Club!

As a platinum member, you'll automatically participate in our Vacations Savings Program.

* Receive 1 Dream Vacation Point each month you are a Platinum Member.

* Receive 1 more point for each member you personally refer who joins at Platinum. (Not upgrades)

* Once you have 12 points, you can request your $3,000 Value Luxury, 5-Star Dream Vacation Certificate.

* Choose from 10 Luxury Resorts in Mexico, or a Deluxe Vacation in Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas Nevada.

* All you pay for accommodations is $9 per night imposed city tax at the end of your stay.

* All accommodations are included for 2 adults and up to 2 children. Travel and food is not included.

* GLOBAL RESORT VACATION:  You can choose to save up to 30 points to redeem a Vacation from thousands of "Global Vacations" Worldwide in our Condo Network!


Your Plan B Income - This is a Winner

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OPPORTUNITY - Easy to Understand... Very Simple to do!

Why Travel as a Home -Based business? reports Statistics & Facts:

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016 and 8.27 trillion currently. And it's expected to reach over 12 trillion dollars in the next years to come.

This is not a fad. And the only way people can get these kinds of amazing deals is through a private members area like we offer at My20DollarTravelBusiness.

Isn't it's time for you to get your piece of the pizza pie with our exclusive, automated income system? YES!

Join Our Exclusive, Automated Income System!

This is the only Global Opportunity where you can start for as little as $1, and earn up to $10,000 monthly + Unlimited Customer Income with as little as 2 personally referred members! YOU CAN DO IT!




Yes, no matter what your membership level, you can refer others and earn 50% Fast Start Commissions on their sign up membership purchase.

For example, refer 10 Platinum Members and receive (10 x $50) = $500.

1) When you refer a Platinum Member for $100, you earn $50.

2) When you refer a Gold Member for $20, you earn $10.

3)  When you refer a Trial Member for $1, you earn 50 cents.

Full Commissions, regardless of your Membership Level!

Whether you are a $100 Platinum, $20 Gold or $1 Member, you earn the full 50% Fast Start on all of your personal referrals.

For example, if you are at the $1 Membership Level and you refer a $100 Platinum Member, you will earn a $50 Fast Start. And when you refer a $20 Gold Member, you will earn a $10 Fast Start. Pretty cool huh?


Provided you have at least 2 active personally referred members at any level, you will also earn 5% monthly for each member in your referral network up to 10 referral levels. Monthly income starts in the second month of a payment by members in your organization:

Direct Referrals: 20%, plus...
Level 1:  5%
Level 2:  5%
Level 3:  5%
Level 4:  5%
Level 5:  5%
Level 6:  5%
Level 7:  5%
Level 8:  5%
Level 9:  5%
Level 10: 5%


Why would we pay out such a high percentage?  
Because we want people to become financially free.

Easy Qualification!  Remember, you only need 2 active personal referrals at any level in order to receive monthly recurring matrix income up to $10,000 per month!.


Monthly residual income is necessary to create financial freedom. And our mission is to help 1 Million families create financial freedom!

Starting in the 2nd month, you will earn 25% monthly for each personal referral.
That's 20% monthly for your Direct Referral Bonuses plus 5% monthly if they are in your 2x10 Organization.

WIN! GOLD MEMBER INCOME - $2,054 Monthly!

Everybody likes to save on hotels and vacations!

Just tell others and make real cash.

Everyone should join to save, earn or both.

Almost everyone can afford a $20 bill to save hundreds or thousands on hotels and condos!

The Value makes it a very simple business.

Simply invite others who want these amazing travel deals and people who want to make some extra money.

By referring just 2 customers and then helping them do the same, you can earn substantial, life-changing monthly income.

The following shows your potential monthly income when each member in your team is at the $20 Gold Membership and refers just 2 customers each.

It's pretty awesome to be able to earn $2,000 to $10,000 monthly with a business that's the price of a pizza!

Its' very simple... Just 2 who refer 2 and so on...

Level 1: 2 Gold Members at $20 each = $10 Monthly residual.

Level 2: 4 Gold Members at $20 each = $4 Monthly residual.

Level 3: 8 Gold Members at $20 each = $8 Monthly residual.

Level 4: 16 Gold Members at $20 each = $16 Monthly residual.

Level 5: 32 Gold Members at $20 each = $32 Monthly residual.

Level 6: 64 Gold Members at $20 each = $64 Monthly residual.

Level 7: 128 Gold Members at $20 each = $128 Monthly residual.

Level 8: 256 Gold Members at $20 each = $256 Monthly residual.

Level 9: 512 Gold Members at $20 each = $512 Monthly residual.

Level 10: 1,024 Gold Members at $20 each = $1,024 Monthly residual.


Your potential  income with all Gold Members = $2,054 per month.

Remember, you only need 2 personally referred members to qualify for all commissions, making this one of the simplest compensation plans in the history of home-based business. :)


You and your team can jump straight to the Top. Imagine a business for only $100 that can help you earn over $10,000 Monthly!

It only takes 2 referrals who refer 2 each and you can be on your way to earning Thousands Monthly!

Remember, when you refer 2 Members, you earn $100 Fast Start and then $50 monthly residual income month after month.

The following shows your income when each member of your team is at the Platinum Level and each refers just 2 customers, and so on.

PLATINUM MONTHLY INCOME - $10,270 per month!

Level 1: 2 Platinum Members at $100 each = $50 Monthly residual.

Level 2: 4 Platinum Members at $100 each = $20 Monthly residual.

Level 3: 8 Platinum Members at $100 each = $40 Monthly residual.

Level 4: 16 Platinum Members at $100 each = $80 Monthly residual.

Level 5: 32 Platinum Members at $100 each = $160 Monthly residual.

Level 6: 64 Platinum Members at $100 each = $320 Monthly residual.

Level 7: 128 Platinum Members at $100 each = $640 Monthly residual.

Level 8: 256 Platinum Members at $100 each = $1,280 Monthly residual.

Level 9: 512 Platinum Members at $100 each = $2,560 Monthly residual.

Level 10: 1,024 Platinum Members at $100 each = $5,120 Monthly residual.


Total potential  income with all Platinum Members = $10,270 per month


Statistic show that 5% of people are entrepreneurs, while 95% of people are customers. This means you literally have billions of potential customers who want to save money on hotels, condos, cruises and car rentals.


Your Unlimited Potential Customer Only Income can be much bigger than your matrix income because you can earn unlimited width up to 10 referral levels on customers you refer, and those referred by the people you introduce, and so on.

Unlike the Matrix income, you can have unlimited numbers of customers in our 10 level Uni-Level, Unlimited Width, Customer Only Program!

What if a customer wants to join the business?

Customers will later have an opportunity to join the business if they want to  by clicking on a "Friends and Family" link in the emails we will send them featuring great deals in our travel engine.

Customers will not receive marketing texts or calls from us about the business.
The customer program is coming soon, so join us today and be ready so you don't miss out on this amazing, unique opportunity!


That means when you have enough commissions, your card is not charged.

When you earn enough commissions to cover your next month's membership, the commissions will automatically be used to pay for your next month's membership!

So when you refer 2 members at your same level, your next month is already covered. And by just helping everyone on your team to refer 2 each, you build your monthly residual income!


Check - In the USA and CANDA.

Direct Deposit - Outside the USA in many countries worldwide.

BitCoin - Available Worldwide.

You decide how you want to be paid worldwide.  

Paid every 2 weeks - Commissions are automatically paid every 2 weeks.


There are 7 Billion people on the planet. You only need to refer at least 2 who want to save on hotels and condo vacations and help them do the same, and they do the same and so on.  

Who wouldn't want to sped $20 to Save $100 per night on a Hotel or $1,000 on a vacation?  It just makes sense!

Simple Success System:

1. Make a list of 20 to 30 people you know who would like to save on Hotels, Condos, Cruises and Car Rentals or Make Extra Money or both.

2. Ask them for their advice. Just send them your link!

3. Follow up to see if they want to join and help the ones who want to.

4. Even if 90% didn't join with you, you can still win and earn up to 10K monthly!

The FAST TRACK to $10,000+ Monthly:

Day 1:  You refer 2 members to join with you on your personal website.
Day 2:  Help them refer 2 each = 4 more Members.
Day 3:  Those 4 refer 2 each = 8 more Members.
Day 4:  Those 8 refer 2 each = 16 more Members.
Day 5:  Those 16 refer 2 each = 32 more Members.
Day 6:  Those 32 refer 2 each = 64 more Members.
Day 7:  Those 64 refer 2 each = 128 more Members.
Day 8:  Those 128 refer 2 each = 256 more Members.
Day 9:  Those 256 refer 2 each = 512 more Members.
Day 10:  Those 512 refer 2 each = 1,024 more Members.

At the end of 10 days, you have over 2,000 Members in your 2x10 Forced Matrix Organization and you are on your way to $2,000 to $10,000 Monthly income, month after month... Up to $120,000 per year!


(AIS) Automated Income System

This example shows how to start for $1 and earn up to $10,000 monthly,

Step 1:
  Join for $1.00. Of course it is best to start at Platinum or Gold, but this example shows how to use the system even if you start for only $1.00.

Step 2:  Refer 2 people for $1.00. Now you are qualified for all commissions and will start receiving commissions once you upgrade.

Step 3:  Log in to your members area to see your commissions of 50 cents + 50 cents = $1.00.

Step 4:  Assist the 2 members you referred in referring 2 members each. Then you have 2 members on your level 1 and 4 members on your level 2.

Step 5:  As each member in your team refers just 2 each, your 2x10 network grows and can fill up with over 2,000 members. And you earn monthly commissions on all of their Membership purchases.

Step 6:  1 month after you join, your account is auto-upgraded to the $20 Gold Level. Then you get access to the Amazing Discount Travel Engine and can start receiving commissions.

Step 7: Each member who joined for $1.00 is also upgraded the following month, producing more monthly commissions for you.

Step 8: As each member in your 2x10 network is Auto-Upgraded to the $20 Gold Level, you can earn up to $2,054 per month.

Step 9:  As you and others in your network are earning over $100 per month, you and they are upgraded to the Platinum Membership. Then you start earning points toward your $3,000 Value, 5-Star, Luxury Dream Vacation.

Step 10:  At the Platinum Level, with the members in your 2x10 network also upgrading to Platinum with their commissions, you can earn up to $10,270 monthly income.


Whatever level you join, just Do It Now!
Start having more fun, help people save money and change your life for the best for you and your family.

Valuable product that can save you much more than the price!
Don't forget you can literally save hundreds or thousands per year using your amazing travel engine! The product has real value and offers savings in 141 countries worldwide! VALUE IS KING!


25 Telephone Interviewed Leads monthly to help you build YOUR Income!

(Limited Time Offer)

Choose the Best Membership for You!

Choose Platinum, Gold or Membership.

Book Travel Instantly

* Free Savings Programs
* Replicated Website
* Back Office & Support
* Amazing Travel Engine

$10 Fast Start / Gold
$5 Monthly / Gold
$1 Team Overrides
2x10 Income = $2,054 / month

$100 BEST
Platinum is the best!

* Free Savings Programs
* Replicated Website
* Back Office & Support
* Amazing Travel Engine

$50 Fast Start / Platinum
$25 Monthly / Platinum
$5 Team Overrides
2x10 Income = $10,270 / month

1 Point per month
1 Point per Platinum Referral
12 Points = Dream Vacation
or 30 Points = Global Vacation!

Receive 25 Telephone Interviewed per month to build this or any other business.

ONLY for the first 1000 Platinum Members!

Auto-Upgrades to Gold in 30 days. NO Travel Engine.

* Free Savings Programs
* Replicated Website
* Back Office & Support

50 cents Fast Start / Member
25 cents monthly / Member
5 cent Team Overrides
2x10 Income = $100 / month

Have questions? Chat with us. We're always here to help!

Our 24 hour live chat is here to help with general questions. All account and leads questions must be submitted by the emails below.